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Almandine from Hornkees, Zillertal, TyrolAlamdin in schist, Berliner Spitz, Tyrol
The Zillertal in Tyrol (Austria) is famous for its Almandine garnets, which have long been mined both as cutting rough as well as grinding material.
The crystals usually do not grow to the size of those found in the Ötztal, but can reach several centimeters. The one on the left is a typical example from the Hornkees. I have been collecting there myself and believe me: the real challenge is to clean the specimen up and remove the schist around the garnets. Crystals are up to ~ 2 cm here. The right one was found also in the Zillertal, on the Berliner Spitze. It has a particularly shiny red and is 35 mm in diameter.

Almandine/Spesartine from PakistanAlmandine Garnet,
Gilgit, Pakistan.

We acquired this piece in the early 90ies as Almandine (~2 cm) from Pakistan. However, we analyzed of few (other) specimen from Pakistan and very often found that these garnets are mixtures of Almandine and Spessartine (which can also mix with Pyrope - PyrAlSpit-Series). The individual components are often presen in almost the same ratio making it hard to tell whether this is an Almandine or a Spessartine.

Spessartine on Galena, Broken Hill
Spessartine on Galena
from  Broken Hill, Australia.

These spessartines, up to 10 mm in diameter, are very shine, display a deep wine-red and make a  good contrast on the galena. Obtained from

Andradite on Hematite, KalahariAndradite on Hematite, Kalahari
A quite recent addition to our collection: Andradite garnet on Hematite from the Kalahari Manganese Fields in South Africa. Just Beautiful!!
Obtained from Dr. Rob Lavinsky: www.irocks.com - an excellent source of choice minerals!

Hessonite Shigar, PakistanHessonite Garnet
from Shengus
Shigar in Pakistan.

This is an outstanding Hessonite crystal (~ 3 cm), a variety of Grossular.

Feldspar with Spessartine and SchörlSpessartine on large Albit Crastal,
with Quartz and Schorl
from Shengus, Shigar in Pakistan.

This is a floater Feldspar, which has a very shiny front face with separation of different feldspar vaireties.  It is covered with small Spessartines and there is also a small Schorl  (~ 3 cm) in the front.

Almandine, Zillertal, TyrolAlmandine "Stalaktite"
with elongated Almandine Crystals
 from the Zillertal, Tyrol, Austria.

Almandines in the Zillertal formed as a metamorphic mineral: when the host rock was pulled down into the earth it heated up and was put under pressure. The rock did not melt, but some of its constituents became instable and set free certain chemical elementd. These diffused through the solid rock and formed the Almandine garnets. Because it is known the Almandine requires a certain temperature for its growth it can be used as kind of a geo-thermometer.  The Zillertal is very famous for its garnets: they have been mined here for several hunderet years, in part for jewellery and in part as grinding materaial, due its hardness

Hessonite, AfghanistanHessonite
 from Afghanistan.

Garnet on Feldspar with Quartz, PakistanGarnet with Quartz, Feldspar, and Schörl (on the backside)
from Pakistan.

If you wonder why we just say a garnet withouth further specification - here is the answer. Garnets from Pakistan can be either Almandine, Spessartine (typically from Haramosh or K2 region) or Grossular (from Parachinar). Unfortunately, Almandine and Spessartine can form chemical mixutres with each other, but not with Grossular. This garnet here is either Almandine or Spessartine, depending which of the two minerals dominates in the mixture. In principle each garnet has to be analyzed for its chemical composition to exactly tell which variety one looks at. As this one has not been analyzed in detail, we simply call it - garnet.

Raspberry Garnet, MexicoRaspberry Garnet from Lake Jako, Coahuila, Sierra de la Crux, Mexiko.

 Raspberry garnet is called so because of its color. It belongs, however, chemically to the Grossular Garnets. The red color comes from an enrichment in manganese. Most Raspberry garnets exhibit a dark core with a lower content in Mn. Recently I have also found the name "Rosolite" on Mindat for this mineral.

Raspberry Garnet

Raspberry Garnet

Sierra de las Cruces,
Coahuilla Mexiko

Another Grossular var. Raspberry
Garnet: most of these garnets have a dark inner core. In the outer regions an increased contentn of Manganese can be found which turns the color into this bright red.

(now in a private collection)

Demantoide, Kherman MineAndradite var. Demantoide,
from Kherman, border region Iran to Afghanistan.

Demantoide receives its color from a small amount of chromium present in an Andradite. The name Demantoide comes from the fact that the index of refraction - the property that causes the sparkling fire in diamonds - is even higher than in diamonds. However, due to the darker color the sparkling can not be seen as good as in the clear diamond.

Demantoide, Val Malenco, ItalyDemantoid
from the Val Malenco, Italy

 Val Melenco is the classic location for Demantoids from the Alps. These Demantoids are particularly nice when associated with white Asbestos.

Rhodolith, NepalRhodolite from Nepal.

Rhodolith is a mixture of Almandine and Pyrope.

Spessartine, Orozimbo Mine, BrazilSpessartite (Spessartine)
from Orozimbo (Navegador), Brazil.

Yellow Grossular, ArizonaYellow Grossular
from Arizona, USA.

This one is not transparent, but it is an interesting color for an garnet. Recently, yellow Grossular was found in Mali. 

Andradit with Iron Roses, Serifos, GreeceAndradit with Iron Roses (Hematit)
from Serifos, Greece.

Andradits from Serifos are classics. They fearture a pronounced color zonation with lighter faces and darker rims.

Spessartine on Schorl, PakistanSpessartine on Schorl, Little Three Mine, Ramona, CA
Spessartine is very beautiful when accompanied by the constrasting Schörl.
Here are two examples, one from Pakistan (left) and one from Ramona, CA (right).

Classic Spessartine with Schorl, Little Three Mine, Ramona, CASpessartite, Little Three Mine, Ramona, CA
Spessartines from the Little Three Mine, Ramona, CA. This is a classic location where essentially pure Spessartine was found -
alone (right) and in very aesthetic combos with Schörl and white Clevelandit (left, Spessartines ~ 1cm).

Spessartine, AfghanistanSpessartine on Feldspar
Pabrok Afghanistan

Here is an very esthetic swimmer of Quartz and Feldspar covered with Spessartine from Afghanistan

Spessartine on Smoky Quartz, ChinaSpessartine crystals
perched on
Smokey Quartz

from China
Tonbei region

Demantoide, Afghanistan, Kherman MineAndradit Garnet var. Demantoide
from the Kherman Mine, Afghani-Irani border.

Demantoide is a chromium rich Andradit garnet. This is a 1.7 cm (!!), translucent specimen, which is now in a private collection.

Pink Grossular, Mexiko, Lako JakoPink Grossulare Garnet
from Lake Jako, Mexiko. 

This is another Mexican Garnet, which is has a very nice light-pink color and
incredible luster.

Spessartine Little ThreeGem Spessartine in
Clevelanit with Borocookeit
from the Little Three Mine,
Ramona, San Diego County, California

This piece has a phenomenal bright and clear Spessartine.
It is surrounded by white to light-bluish Clevelandit,
is partially covered with grayish Borocookeit.

Uwarowit, Outukumpu, FinnlandUwvarovite
Outukumpu, Finnland

Uvarovite is a chromium rich garnet and is often found in assosiation with chromium ores. Most collecotrs know the Uvarivites from the Urals, where Uvarovite occurs as green lawns on chromit ore. Rarely do crystals reach a few mm size. This piece is from Outukumpu, Finnland, where Uvarovites reached a few cm!
Size: ~1.5 cm.

Spessartine, Namibia, Marien-RiverSpessartine Garnet
from Marienfluss, Namibia

Spessartines from the Marienfluss  are very similar in colour  to those from California and China.
Size: ~1 cm.

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